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Young Adults

Ages 19–21

The people referred in this category are often more motivated to change than the previous categories. Because they are legally able to refuse treatment, they are more likely to choose to be involved.

  • They typically are in need of assistance with transition to adulthood and independence. Such transitional needs may include housing, how to manage a budget, employment, vocational training and more.
  • Although they may be more motivated to move forward in their lives, they still often have difficulty with anger management, anxiety or poor social skills.
  • They are often referred from other mental health agencies, schools or a self-referral.

Transitioning from childhood to adulthood is an exciting time for most young people! It shows independence and reveals a natural right of passage from one stage of life to another. However, this transition time may be a bit scary and confusing to young adults as well.

Alta’s services to transitioning adults can help with the following life questions:

  1. What skills are needed to be successful in adulthood?
  2. Where can housing information be found in our community?
  3. How important is it to complete or further my education?
  4. How can I control my emotions so I can get answers to my questions without pushing people away?
  5. How can I afford my basic needs and still have money to shop for what I want?
  6. My coping skills have not always worked well in the past. Where can I learn better skills to deal with life’s stressors?

The services provided help young people navigate through life’s uncertainties.