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Clinical Services

Intake/Diagnostic Assessment

A mental health assessment is essential to understanding each individual’s unique challenges and how best to help him/her recover from them. During the assessment, a therapist will gather information needed to accurately understand and provide recommendations for the most appropriate means of help. Most assessments take place in our offices, but some may take place at a child’s school or other locations. The assessment will occur over the first two appointments and includes the parent/guardian. It may also involve contact with others that are part of a child’s life (family members, school staff and/or pediatrician).


We provide individual, group and family counseling services — our therapists are skilled in child behavior management and family dynamics. In a caring and supportive environment, families are instructed in ways to help each other. Individuals are guided in resolving and understanding the feelings and issues that are causing the problems. Your therapist will work with you to set goals or identify the things you would like to accomplish together, and then help you develop different strategies to help you reach your goals. Counseling services can be office-based, home-based and/or school-based.


We provide psychiatric evaluations of children and teens, and medication management for a variety of problems. Our medical team of physicians and nurse practitioners can assess whether medication may be helpful in addressing children’s concerns, or may follow up on previously prescribed medications. Our medical staff will write prescriptions when appropriate and follow up with children to make adjustments to medications as necessary. All children receiving medication are closely monitored and routinely meet with our nurse to assess overall health, improvements, side effects, etc.

Community Support/Case Management

Community Support staff provides in-home and community based services, with a strength-based approach, to assess and coordinate needed services for children so that they can be successful across environments. Our Community Support staff work actively to link children and their families with social welfare, educational, medical and other special services as may be needed. Our staff will serve as your child’s advocate with other agencies and the school to ensure that he or she is receiving the care they need, wherever and whenever they may need it.

Crisis Intervention

Our team of therapists handles a broad range of child/adolescent and family crisis situations, including when an individual’s mental or emotional condition results in behavior which constitutes an imminent danger to himself or herself or to others. We offer a mental health crisis line 24/7/365 for our consumers so that no matter when a mental health crisis arises, you will always have somewhere to turn when you need it. Services can be obtained by calling our office telephone number at any time of the day.