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Alta’s Center for Mental Health & Wellness at the Campus of Care

Therapeutic Garden Program

The Therapeutic Garden Program offers a unique hands-on experience devoted to assisting our participants in collaboration, team work, learning and utilizing environmental coping skills. Our Therapeutic Garden offers a way for children and adolescents to explore the natural world in a safe and nurturing setting that will help guide them on their journey toward better choices, getting along with others, managing their individual mental health symptoms, and giving back to the community and their families.

Art Therapy Program  

Art Therapy groups provide children a format for self-discovery and self-expression. Children engage in the creative process to improve upon cognitive and sensorimotor functions, self-esteem, social skills, and emotional resilience. Children learn to use their own personal expressive symbolism, develop a sense of mastery and find empowerment. The use of art-making adds another means of communication not only for those who enjoy creativity but also for those who need another way beyond words to find their voice. These groups encourage children to develop healthy coping skills as well as experience feelings of hope, calm and peacefulness.

Adventure Therapy Program  

Adventure therapy is an evidence-based program that utilizes experiential therapeutic activities. At Alta’s Center for Mental Health & Wellness, adventure therapy is used to get children and adolescents active and moving, while also building and improving upon emotion regulation, problem solving, and team building.

Yoga Calm® and Mindfulness  

Yoga Calm is the amazing integration of physical yoga, mindfulness, and social-emotional learning to support children in fostering their ability to self-regulate and control their emotions.  Using the movement of the body and in-the-moment approach of mindfulness, children will learn to recognize cues within their body that allow them to label, address, and respond appropriately to social and emotional stressors.  The tools and skills that they learn are designed to be used in any setting (home, classroom, community) and will nurture their mind and body.  Aiding in retention, greater focus, social/emotional skill development, increased self-esteem and self-confidence, and the ability to make healthy life choices and create lifelong wellness habits- Yoga Calm has become a worldwide program whereby thousands of students and adult leaders (teachers, counselors, therapists parents) are leading the way in a new approach to whole self-wellness.

Transition to Independence Program  

The TIP service is an evidence-supported practice that works with youth and young adults (14-21 years old) to engage them in their own futures planning process. Tip utilizes a developmentally-appropriate and trauma-informed approach to prepare and facilitate their movement toward greater self-sufficiency and successful achievement of their goals. Youth and young adults are guided in setting and achieving their own short-term and long-term goals across relevant Transition Domains, such as: employment/career, educational opportunities, living situation, personal effectiveness/wellbeing, and community-life functioning.

Mental Wellness Counseling  

Alta’s traditional evidence-based individual, group and family counseling services are also provided at the Center for Mental Health & Wellness.

Care Coordination Services 

Care Coordination provides extra support to the youth, young adult or family from someone who has clinical knowledge, but does not function as a clinician. Rather, the Care Coordinator, is an architect of the service plan along with the family and uses knowledge of clinical and community systems to broker and advocate for services, coordinate care providers on behalf of the child/family, and monitors the implementation of the treatment plan.

Parent Support Programs 

 A variety of parent support and education programs are offered to assist parents with the occasional challenges that we as parents sometimes face.  Evidence-based programs such as The Incredible Years™, The Triple P – Positive Parenting Program, and general support groups are offered to help parents navigate the complexities of modern day parenting.

Peer Support  

Alta believes that youth and parents served in the mental health system should have access to and support from persons that have past lived experiences in recovery whenever possible.  It is also the belief of Alta that a person in mental health treatment may utilize a team of people to aid them on their journey.  This team could include peer and/or parent support persons’ that assists the individual’s ability to promote their own recovery.  Peer Support is available to any youth or parent receiving mental health services under the age of 21 or those involved in an Alta Care Group program that services clients over 21.

Respite Care 

Respite is a service that is designed so that caregivers can get a break from the stress of providing care for a loved one with significant special needs, thereby promoting the capacity of people with disabilities or disorders to remain in the community. Respite is provided in different ways across age groups and across disabilities. A respite provider from Alta comes into the home, or takes the child out into the community, for a few hours to give the family a needed break.

Employment Program 

Employment is a service that helps transitional age youth who are 14-21 learn about their future path to employment through exploring career options, learning how to become “work place ready”, and eventually having job placement experiences.  Alta Care Group is certified with the Opportunities for Ohioans with Disabilities (OOD) to engage in Pre- Employment Transition Services (Pre-ETS), Work Incentive Planning (WIP) and travel training.  Additionally, Alta is a waiver provider with the Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities for Career Planning, Individual Employment Supports and for Summer Youth Programming.  Employment services typically occur within the school setting, in the community and as part of our summer programming.