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Dealing with Disobedience *FREE VIRTUAL CLASS*

From time to time, children may become defiant. It is one way for children to learn about and discover their own selves, express their individuality, and achieve a sense of autonomy. As they stretch their independent wings and engage in minor conflicts with their parents, they discover the boundaries of their parents’ rules and of their own self-control.

Sometimes, however, these conflicts are more than occasional disturbances and become a pattern for how parents and children interact. Disobedience can have a variety of causes. At times, it is due to unreasonable parental expectations. Or it might be related to the child’s temperament, or to school problems, family stress or conflicts between his parents.

Learn how to approach situations and useful tips in the FREE VIRTUAL EVENT “Dealing with Disobedience” WEDNESDAY JUNE 16th from 5-7 p.m. live via Zoom. This FREE VIRTUAL EVENT is open to anyone.

Registration is encouraged but not necessary for the class. Participants must be registered to receive a gift card. Only one gift card per family. A gift card can only be given once. This class is open to anyone in Mahoning County but they have to email Marci to register to get the one-time $25 gift card (one per family) for completing the forms and attending.

Please email Marci at [email protected] to register.

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