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Alta Receives $60,000 from Children’s Circle of Friends

Alta Care Group has received $60,000 from the Children’s Mental Health Circle of Friends Foundation to support its programs and services.

The funds will be allocated as follows:

  • Intensive Home-Based Treatment Program. The IHBT program works exclusively with children and adolescents with serious emotional and/or behavioral disorders who are at significant risk for out-of-home placement. ($30,000)
  • Camp Challenge Operations (summer program). Scholarships will allow youth with no third-party insurance coverage to attend Camp Challenge. ($20,000)
  • School-based Mental Health Services. Providing on-site counseling and support to youth with emotional and behavioral disorders. ($10,000)

“We are so grateful to the Children’s Mental Health Circle of Friends Foundation for the support they’ve given us for many years,” said Alta Care Group CEO Joseph Shorokey. “The programs they help make possible will touch the lives of hundreds of children and their families in the Mahoning Valley.”

The Children’s Mental Health Circle of Friends Foundation was established in 1985 as a charitable foundation that provides financial support to programs of Alta Care Group for the treatment and prevention of emotional and behavioral disorders in children.

To learn more about their work or to donate, please visit this page.