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Ball is Life Program Takes Team Approach to Therapy

An active body is a healthy body…and an healthy body makes a healthy mind.

When Kevin Scott and Ryan Forney started Ohio Urban Renaissance, they wanted to make a difference in at risk and underserved students’ lives by creating programs that offered support as they transition into adulthood. Using a variety of sports and team-centered ideas, O.U.R. gives each of their students mentorship, education and intervention to prepare them for adulthood and beyond.

Alta Behavioral Healthcare is committed to taking care of the whole child. Whether that’s mental health or physical health, Alta has been taking care of the children and families of the Valley for almost 50 years, with programs and services at multiple locations, including our Health and Wellness Center at the Campus of Care in Mineral Ridge.

After Ohio Urban Renaissance and Alta met, Ball is Life was created. Combining the active approach to mental health from Alta’s Adventure Therapy and the confidence building and mentorship that comes from Ohio Urban Renaissance, Ball is Life is a unique program. Utilizing adventure therapy and recreational sport to engage kids in helping them succeed in all aspects of their life’s. , Ball is Life is meant to give youth the skillsets they need for a brighter future.

Ball is Life is open to any middle school to high school student. All they need is to be an active Alta client. Whether your child has a sports background or not, this program isn’t about physical ability. Instead it’s about growing and overcoming obstacles in life and becoming leaders while balancing both mental health and physical health in the process. The first after school group will start on September 20th, 2023 at the Campus of Care in Mineral Ridge.

If you’re interested in the Ball is Life Program:

George Summers


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