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Make Your Career a Passion

Why settle for a job, when you can pick your passion?

Join Alta Care Group and get paid to love what you do! We know it’s not about the pay and benefits, but they are worth it. 

Alta is here to support and train you, join our team of highly trained, skilled professionals, and let us help you achieve your career goals. 

Our Mission to provide Children in our Valley the customized therapy they need makes Alta the leader in Child, Youth and Adolescent Counseling. As a fast growing company, we offer our employees room to grow. 



Our Passion Programs:

Early Child Mental Health Therapy                 Art Therapy

Trauma Recovery Services                                 Garden Group Therapy

Peer Support Services                                          Camp Challenge

School Based Mental Health                               Mental Health and Wellness Day Treatment

Intensive Home Based                                          Transition to Independence Program (TIP)

Group Counseling                                                  Family Counseling

Specialized Treatment Services                          FIRST Program

Baby Bump                                                              LGBTQ+ / DEI


Contact Sue Baughman for more information:

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Call:  330-793-2487

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