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The Importance of Children’s Mental Health

From time to time we like to take a step back and look at the big picture of what we’re all about here at Alta Behavioral Healthcare, and why we do what we do.

Our mission is to care for the mental health of the children, adolescents and young adults who are our clients. We found a very good summation of why this work is so important recently from the KidsMentalHealth.org website. The entire article is well worth reading; here are some highlights:


Children’s mental health is without a doubt the most important aspect of any child’s social and cognitive development.­

There are a myriad of factors that can impact a child’s mental health status, both positively and negatively. Many children…have a difficult time coping with their emotions. These children will usually make excellent candidates for mental health programs.

Some children may also be born with mental health issues. These issues are a product of nature rather than nurture, so the child may have a more difficult time dealing with his or her emotional state. Many children just naturally feel depressed or have anxiety issues. When these issues are not dealt with in the proper fashion, the children tend to have lower self-esteem and they struggle in the educational environment.

Studies have shown that these children, if left untreated by a mental health professional, will likely to grow up and repeat these same behaviors with their children. However, when these children are properly treated they can learn how to live a more promising life. They can overcome many of the issues that affect them without their consent. These children can live happy and productive lives that are filled with love, harmony and a great mental health status.­