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How to Find a Good Therapist for Your Child

Just as you would never take your child to a medical doctor you didn’t have complete confidence in, you will naturally want to be just as careful in selecting the right professional when your child is in need of counseling or therapy.

There are several questions to ask and things to consider before choosing a therapist. The most basic ones include:

  1. Who is the therapist going to work with?
    Your child will not receive therapy in isolation. Issues involving children will inevitably involve the entire family, not just the child. So be certain the therapist you choose is willing to work with other family members too.
  2. Is the therapist skilled in working with the particular problem your child is experiencing?
    As a matter of course, you should be certain that any therapist you choose has the proper credentials and licensing. Beyond this, make sure he or she has skills in the particular area your child is having problems with.
  3. Look for a therapist with qualities that are most important to you and your child.
    He or she should have a personality and manner that makes your child (and you) feel comfortable, and demonstrate an empathy and understanding of the issues being faced.
  4. Other things to consider.
    If possible, choose a multi-service office — one that offers therapy, medication, case management and group work as opposed to just one service. And to ensure everyone will stick with the program, choose a therapist whose office and hours are convenient to you and in an area where you feel safe.
  5. Made sure you feel the connection.
    Connection is a big factor in healing for your child and your entire family. Just as in other walks of life, you don’t “hit it off” with everyone you meet. Don’t hesitate to seek out another therapist if the first one just isn’t working.

The above is just a summary of a longer document that expands on each one of these considerations. You can read the entire document by clicking here.