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Ten Ways to Help Your Children Look After Their Mental Health

Here are some tips from the website www.believeperform.com:

  1. Be a role model
    Demonstrate positive behaviors your children can learn from you.
  2. Talking
    Support your children. Talk about their problems and how they’re feeling.
  3. Coping skills
    Help your children acquire skills such as problem-solving and thought-challenging.
  4. Well-being
    Promote healthy eating and physical activity.
  5. Sleep
    Develop a good sleep environment and help build positive sleep habits.
  6. Play
    Promote play and creativity; allow your children to explore.
  7. Relaxation
    Teach your child relaxation skills such as deep breathing.
  8. Self-care
    Involve yourself in your children’s hobbies. Allow them the time and space to look after themselves.
  9. Autonomy
    Help your children build resilience by allowing them to make their own decisions.
  10. Relationships
    Help your children build positive relationships with friends and family.