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To Hear Someone Say “I’ve Been There,” and Know They Mean It!

So many times as a transition-aged youth or as a parent, it is common to feel…uncommon. Individuals often keep thoughts, feelings or difficulties to themselves, fearing they will not be understood.

What a relief it would be to talk to someone who has already lived through your experience, and found hope on the other side!

Here at Alta, we couldn’t agree more with the thought that transition-aged youth in mental health treatment could benefit from partnering with peers who have lived the same experiences. Additionally, parents of children in mental health treatment often feel the need to be understood by parents who have navigated the path before them.

We are pleased to offer the opportunity for people to hear the words, “I’ve been there,” and know it’s for real! We offer a team of Peer Recovery Support Staff, composed of both young adults and parents, who have diverse lived experiences. These Peer Recovery Supporters and Parent Supporters are matched with individuals who are going through some of the same experiences they themselves have already lived.

What are some of the benefits to connecting with a Peer Supporter?

  • Understanding why treatment is important for you/your child
  • Decreasing feelings of isolation, or feeling as though you are alone in your experience
  • Learning that there is hope, despite the challenges
  • Developing  skills for living
  • Gaining support at times when you need it most

The Peer Recovery Support staff and Parent Support staff at Alta are excited to speak with you! For more information, please contact Peer Support Program Coordinator Bethany Reed-Crouch at 330-793-2487 to be matched with one of our staff, who can truly say “I’ve been there.”