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The Winter Blahs!

Some say it’s the time of beautiful, pure white snow, sledding, crackling fires, festive holidays and family get-togethers. Then there are the others who say it’s the black and white season: cold, stark, imprisoned indoors, expensive, and the season of weight gain.

I’d have to say I land somewhere in between, but if I’m being truthful, I probably lean toward black and white. I hate being stuck indoors, I don’t like the cold, but I do like the holidays and the smell of a natural wood fire.

If you’re one of the lucky ones who likes everything about the winter season, then you’ll soon be very happy. But for those that are completely on the other end of the spectrum, winter time can be a very sad time. The season can put even more pressure on parents, as their children may be home and indoors more often and stress can build up. It can also be very difficult on the elderly — who don’t get out much and rely on visits from family and friends, which may decrease during the cold, snowy months.

Here are a couple of suggestions to help those of us who struggle with the winter season:

  • Become involved in a new club, community or activity. This is a great time to explore outside of our comfort zones or to try new things.
  • Start a winter project or learn a new hobby. It could be home repair, knitting a scarf, reading a book a week or doing some volunteer work.
  • Explore the power of the internet. Connect with old friends and new on social media, learn how to do something from a YouTube video tutorial, or create your family tree and research your ancestry.

The point is, there really are hundreds of ways to make the winter season an opportunity to learn and do new things. Challenge yourself, challenge your children… and you may discover something exciting and new that will have you looking forward to next winter.